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Rotaract Club of Phnom Penh Metro


Rotaract is a Rotary orgainzation for young adults age 18-30 to start their involvement in networking and serving others.
Most of the current members are from 18 to 24 years old, have a good knowledge of English, a strong commitment, a willingness to learn and to help others. We have focused on local community projects in four areas:
  • Providing School Supplies
  • Providing Hygiene training and supplies
  • Educating on Domestic Violence
  • Promoting Community Development by speaking on relevant topics
The Rotaract Club of Phnom Penh Metro was sponsored by the Rotary Club Phnom Penh Metro in June, 2011 and officially registered with Rotary International in September, 2012.

Please Visit the Rotaract  Facebook Page for more information!

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