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Kep Community Development Program

MG 78199

To provide clean drinking water systems

Pong Toek primary and lower secondary schools, based in Kep province, have nine buildings with 38 rooms.  There are 53 teachers and 858 students.  For Grades 1 to 6 there are 13 classes and from Grades 7 to 9 there are 9 classes. The students 

from this school do not have access to clean drinking water, but get their water from 4 pump wells provided by Chinese Association (1), Asian Development Bank (2) and World Bank (1).  There is no method to ensure the water is clean and passes International quality of health standards. The primary objective in Phase 1 is to provide clean drinking water systems in Pong Toek primary and lower secondary schools in Kep Province. Once implemented these clean water systems will directly serve nearly 1,000 students as well as school faculty.

International Partner:
RC Kamloops Daybreak, D-5060, Canada

Cooperating Partner:
Equitable Cambodia

Clean Water Systems

MG 70518

To provide clean drinking water systems in Prey Ah primary schools in Angkunh Village, Khvao Commune, Samrong District in Takeo Province, Cambodia.

International Partner:
Tokyo Ginza New, D-2750, Japan

Cooperating Partner:
Meakea Aphiwadh

Wells and Water Reserviors

MG 62252

To help provide 25 water wells to villages in Cambodia

International Partner:
RC Renaix, D-1620, Belgium
District, D-1520, France

Cooperating Partner:
Banteay Meanchey

016 017

Potable Water Filters and Water Catchment Systems

MG 60805

To provide clean water and improve health of families

International Partner Club:
RC of Maple Valley, D-5030, USA

Cooperating Partner:
 Rtn. Tong (Alexander) Sovannarith and Hing Channarith



 Our members Hing Channarith and Alexander Tong in 2007