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Human Trafficking Response

MG 78382

To provide educational, medical, administrative and transportation supplies for girls who were victims of trafficing

Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro and Rotary Club of Taipei Rui An for funding to help provide educational, medical, administrative and transportation supplies and support at Pleroma Homes for Girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Cambodia, ranked as one of the highest rates of human trafficking country in the world, is a source, destination, and transit country for women and children trafficked for the purposes of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE),” as the US Department of State declared in 2007. “There are 80,000 to 100,000 CSE workers in Cambodia, and 80% are under the age of 18,” is the data released by the Cambodia Research Network (CRN) in the same year.

The beneficiary of this project is Pleroma Home for Girls (PHG), which was founded by an organization called Fullness in Christ Fellowship (FICF). The scope of this project is to provide: 1. Primary school and secondary school tuition and school supplies and expenses, 2. Physical check-up and vaccination, 3. Administrative supplies, 4. Transportation fees. The project will conclude within 10 months of the initial date.

The project’s long-term goal would be to train the “victims” themselves to become leaders in the future. Essentially, they would be the most effective “missionaries” to minister to the trafficked victims and to address the needs of the girls in their society. They will be most suitable to carry on the work and to provide the sustainability of these projects. We plan on gradually pass down the leadership to the local Khmers and these future local women leaders, thus bringing peace to the community, the country and the region.

International Partner:
RC Taipei Ru An, D-3520, Taiwan

Cooperating Partner:
Pleroma Home for Girls

Van for School Children

MG 65734

To provide a 16-seat van to FirstKids Cambodia a humanitarian school for children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

International Partner:
RC Pudu, D-3300, Malaysia
RC Taipei Yo-Ai, Taipei, D-3520, Taiwan

Cooperating Partner:


A delegation from Malaysia came to Phnom Penh for the handover of the school minibus in Tuol Kork

Ophthalmic Equipment

MG 61269

To provide ophthalmic equipment to Pursat Hospital to reduce avoidable blindness

International Partner:
RC Singapore, D-3310, Singapore
RC Taichung Tatong, D-3460, Taiwan

Cooperating Partner:
Dr. Do Seiha, Ophthalmology
MoHang Duong Hospital, Phnom Penh

Distribution of 546 Water Wells

MG 58199

To provide potable water for 2,730 families with 21,840 dependents with the installation of 546 wells in 8 project areas. Each well will serve 5 families.

•Kandal Project 3 x 6 18 wells
•Siem Reap Project 8 x 12 96 wells
•Takeo Project 8 x 12 96 wells
•Prey Veng Project 10 x 12 120 wells
•Kompong Som Project 2 x 12 24 wells
•Kampot Project 6 x 12 72 wells
•Banteay Meanchaey Proj 4 x 12 48 wells
•Kompong Speu Project 6 x 12 72 wells

International Partner:
RC Taipei Northwest, D-3480
RC Kawagoe, D-2570
RC Ibaraki, D-2660
RC Nagoya-North, D-2760
RC Chigasaki, D-2780
RC Mandaluyong, D-3800

Cooperating Partner:
Volunteers Needed
Tabitha – Cambodia



A group of Rotarians from Taipei and one of the 546 wells, by built by Tabitha, which we saw in Prey Veng province.