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Medical for Ponhea Lueu Hospital in Oudong

GG 1744548

Donate medical equipment, including an ultrasound machine, to the Ponhea Lueu Hospital in Oudong managed by ASIA Alliance Medical.

International Partner:
RC Takatsuki East, D-2660, Japan
District, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka Higashiyodo Chayamachi, D-2660, Japan
RC Settsu, D-2660, Japan
RC Shin-Osaka, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka Friend, D-2660, Japan
RC Ibaraki-West, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka-Nakanoshima, D-2660, Japan

Cooperating Partner:
Japan Heart Cambodia

Cadaver Freezers, X-Ray Machine & Medical Students at IU

GG 1642360

Provide additional Cadaver Freezers, an X-Ray machine and training for medical students at International University

International Partner:
RC Osaka South, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka Southeast, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka Evening, D-2660, Japan
RC Taipei Central,D-3480, Taiwan

Cooperating Partner:
Sun International

Upgrading Rehabilitation Facility and Training Local Physical Therapist in Cambodia

GG 1410517

To upgrade the Graphis rehabilitation facility with badly needed equipment and to train local physical therapists in Cambodia

International Partner:
RC Ibaraki-West, D-2660, Japan

Cooperating Partner :
Graphis Health Center