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Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital Hygiene Project

GG 1751273

Hospital in Oudong managed by ASIA Alliance Medical.

International Partner:
Rotary Club Applecross, WA, Australia (D9465)

Cooperating Partner:
(local contractor)

Medical for Ponhea Lueu Hospital in Oudong

GG 1744548

Donate medical equipment, including an ultrasound machine, to the Ponhea Lueu Hospital in Oudong managed by ASIA Alliance Medical.

International Partner:
RC Takatsuki East, D-2660, Japan
District, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka Higashiyodo Chayamachi, D-2660, Japan
RC Settsu, D-2660, Japan
RC Shin-Osaka, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka Friend, D-2660, Japan
RC Ibaraki-West, D-2660, Japan
RC Osaka-Nakanoshima, D-2660, Japan

Cooperating Partner:
Japan Heart Cambodia

Optical Equipment for Surgery for Mekong River based ship “Les Yeux du Mekong”

GG 1526444

Provide new optical equipment for use in surgery performed on the Mekong River based “Les Yeux du Mekong”

RC International Partner:
RC Le Quesnoy-Solesmes, D-1670, France
RC Maubeuge Nord, D-1670, France
RC Terre de Hainaut-Denain, D-1670, France
RC Avesnes-sur-Helpe, D-1670, France
RC Aubenas-Vals, D-1780, France
RC Montélimar, D-1780, France
RC Angers-Ralliement, D-1510, France
RC Dour-Quiévrain-Haut Pays, D-1620, Belgium
RC Mons-Sud, D-1620, Belgium
RC Jemeppe-sur-Meuse, D-1630, Belgium
RC Le Touquet-Montreuil-Berck, D-1520, France
District, D-1670, France
District, D-1510, France
RC Braine-le-Comte, D-1620, Belgium
District, D-1520, France
District, D-1630, Belgium
RC Mons-Silex, D-1620, Belgium
RC Colfontaine-Borinage, D-1620, Belgium
RC Mons, D-1620, Belgium
RC Mons-Bruyères, D-1620, Belgium
RC Saint-Ghislain, D-1620, Belgium
RC Amesbury, D-7930, USA
District, D-1620, Belgium
District, D-1700, France
RC Bohain-Le Cateau-Guise, D-1670, France
RC Lille-Septentrion, D-1520, France
RC Wuppertal, D-1810, Germany
RC Rive-Sud de Montréal, D-7790, Canada
RC Ste. Foy, D-7790, Canada
RC Quebec, D-7790, Canada
RC Quebec-Charlesbourg, D-7790, Canada
RC Dolbeau-Mistassini, D-7790, Canada
RC Valenciennes-Denain aérodrome, D-1670, France

Cooperating Partner:
Associaton Pour Les Yeux du Monde