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Health and Accessibility Improvement

MG 67783

To provide a dental chair and medical supplies

International Partner:
RC Arlesheim, D-1980, Switzerland

Cooperating Partner:
Hope for All, Veal Sboer, Phnom Penh

026 027

Bicycle Distribution Project for Poor School Children

Bicycles for School Children

Distribution of used bicycles to poor school children who live far away from school to allow them to go to school regularly

•Distributed in Kep (s.b.)This project was initiated and implemented by our members David Pred and Sil Sineng (deceased)

•3240 bicycles were distributed to 82 schools

Bicycle photo

028 029

“Give the Gift of Sight” Project

Exams & Glasses for the Poor

To provide free eye exams and glasses to needy people in Phnom Penh.

•20,000 needy people were examined and received fitting pairs of glasses from 40 Luxoptica (USA) volunteers.

•Another 30,000 pairs of glasses were left in Cambodia with the Cambodian Red Cross for use with future missions.

“Give the Gift of Sight” Mission to Phnom Penh Cambodia (May 20 to 30, 2008) at Chenla Theater, Phnom Penh, by RC Phnom Penh Metro in cooperation with Cambodian Red Cross: about 20,000 needy people were examined and received fitting pairs of glasses from 40 Luxottica (USA) volunteers. Another 30,000 pairs of glasses were left in Cambodia with Cambodian Red Cross for future use or missions.

Cooperating Partner:
Cambodian Red Cross

Computers for the Disabled

MG 66452

Provide 45 computers to Digital Divide Data (DDD) a technology job training program for disabled and disadvantaged people in Phnom Penh and Battambang

International Partner:
RC of Highlands Ranch, Littleton, D-5450, USA

Cooperating Partner:
Digital Divide Data, Cambodia

023 022
 A DDD Center in Battambang

Van for School Children

MG 65734

To provide a 16-seat van to FirstKids Cambodia a humanitarian school for children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

International Partner:
RC Pudu, D-3300, Malaysia
RC Taipei Yo-Ai, Taipei, D-3520, Taiwan

Cooperating Partner:


A delegation from Malaysia came to Phnom Penh for the handover of the school minibus in Tuol Kork